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Randall's Furniture

Quality Products

At Randall's we take great pride in providing quality furnishings to enhance the beauty of any home with affordable, well-made, fashionable pieces. Our primary focus is on hand-crafted, heirloom quality Mennonite furniture, made right here in Ontario. We deal with several different families, each one specializing in their own area of solid wood furniture. We offer two lines of Canadian, factory-made wood furnishing: College Woodwork and Bogdon and Gross, both also made here in Ontario. Sunpan Imports rounds out our fantastic selection of the latest styles in furnishing. We also have a great selection of accessories, wall art and lighting catalogues.

Wide Range Of Styles

Heirloom quality does not necessarily mean old-fashioned style! All our Mennonite builders offer a wide range of styles from Traditional to Modern to Urban Rustic. Our builders can also modify their designs to make custom sizes as needed. They offer a variety of different wood species to work with and, of course, Randall's offers a great selection of local professionally applied finish colours. Even if you are trying to match up to an existing set, our experienced team of salespeople, builders and finishers can accommodate just about any request. Our factory-made lines offer a great selection of colours and styles, as well. Sunpan Imports provides great affordable occasional pieces, with just the right mix of the latest trends.

Experienced & Creative Staff

Another thing that Randall's takes great pride in is its staff! We have qualified experienced staff at each of our three locations that can help you choose from our extensive catalogues the best piece for your needs. We take care in advising our clients of different features available in all areas of our furniture department, based on listening to you explain your goals to us. We also offer the more in-depth service of an In-home furniture consultation. Our Interior Decorator, Cindy Desjardins, is available for inspiration! She provides ideas on new pieces, and placement of both new and existing pieces, with special attention to the details like lighting, art-work and accessories.

Randall's Own Furniture Line

Randall's Tables

  • Abbey table
  • Acropolis table
  • Acton Central table hor
  • Acton Central table iso
  • Ambassador table hor
  • Ambassador table iso
  • Arcadia table hor
  • Arcadia table iso
  • Arizona table
  • Barcelona table
  • Bauhaus table
  • Black Sea table hor
  • Black Sea table iso
  • Broadway Table
  • Charlestown table
  • Congress table
  • Danish table
  • Darius table
  • Eastwood table
  • Eiffel table down
  • Eiffel table
  • Elmira table
  • Empire table hor
  • Empire table iso
  • Fifth Avenue table hor
  • Fifth Avenue table iso
  • French Riviera table
  • Gateway table
  • Golden Gate table hor
  • Golden Gate table iso
  • Grand Louvre table
  • Grimshaw Hall table hor
  • Grimshaw Hall table iso
  • Gropius table
  • Hong Kong table
  • Jamestown table
  • Jordan table
  • Key West Table
  • Kimberly Crest table
  • Lancaster table
  • Madrid ST table
  • Madrid table
  • Mannheim table
  • Martha's Vineyard table
  • Martin table
  • Mediterranean table hor
  • Mediterranean table iso
  • Metro table hor
  • Metro table iso
  • Miami table
  • Midtown table
  • Moorhouse table
  • Morris Plains table
  • Notre Dame table
  • Palais Royal table
  • Parthenon table hor
  • Parthenon table iso
  • Persian table
  • Reesor table
  • Savannah table
  • Saxony table hor
  • Saxony table iso
  • Seville table
  • Shanghai table
  • Shard table hor
  • Shard table iso
  • Shechem table hor
  • Shechem table iso
  • Sheraton table
  • Shrewsbury table
  • Singapore table
  • Socrates table hor
  • Socrates table iso
  • Sweden table
  • Sydney Table
  • Tuscany table
  • Urban Classic table
  • Valencia table
  • Versailles table
  • Vienna table
  • Williamsburg table
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Randall's Chairs

  • Accent
  • Alcove
  • Alex-back
  • Alex-front
  • Alex
  • Athena arm chair
  • Athena side chair
  • Atlanta chair
  • Augusta arm chair
  • Augusta side chair
  • Ayrdale-back
  • Ayrdale-front
  • Ayrdale
  • Barrel bar stool with back
  • Barrel bar stool
  • Bennelong Chair
  • Campus chair
  • Canton side chair
  • Cardinal arm chair
  • Cardinal side chair
  • Cuba Chair
  • Da Vinci
  • Darius side chair
  • Diocles side chair
  • Dominica side chair
  • Dorsa
  • Duke-back
  • Duke-front
  • Duke
  • Eastbrook chair
  • Elora-back
  • Elora-front
  • Elora
  • Harvard side chair
  • Hudson side chair
  • Julia side chair
  • Macy side chair
  • Mediterranean side chair
  • Morrow side chair
  • Old South arm chair
  • Old South side chair
  • Opera chair
  • Ottawa side chair
  • Parsons Canadian chair (2)
  • Parsons Canadian chair (3)
  • Parsons Canadian chair (4)
  • Parsons Canadian chair
  • Plato side chair
  • Royal Canadian chair
  • Safari
  • Santiago arm chair
  • Santiago side chair
  • Seoul chair
  • Severn side chair
  • Shechem side chair
  • Sheraton side chair
  • Sienna-back
  • Sienna-front
  • Sienna
  • Siesta Chair
  • Socrates side chair
  • Stanford chair
  • Stanford side chair
  • Swift chair
  • Tasman Chair
  • Terra with buttons
  • Terra
  • Van Gogh Chair
  • Van Gogh-back
  • Van Gogh-front
  • Van Gogh
  • VanGogh chair
  • Watling Chair
  • Werkbund - front
  • Werkbund Chair
  • Werkbund side chair
  • Werkbund-back
  • Werkbund
  • Winchester Chair
  • Wind chair
  • York Chair
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Randall's Sideboards

  • Acton Central Sideboard
  • Cambridge sideboard
  • Canterbury sideboard
  • City sideboard
  • Corbusier sideboard
  • Costa sideboard
  • Coventry sideboard
  • Danielle Sideboard
  • Darius sideboard
  • Ellis sideboard
  • Empress sideboard
  • Exchange Place sideboard
  • Gothenburg sideboard
  • Grimshaw Hall Sideboard
  • Hong Kong sideboard
  • Kahn sideboard
  • Kahn sideboard1
  • Lincoln sideboard
  • Madison sideboard
  • Mediterranean server
  • Metro server
  • Mies sideboard
  • Mission sideboard
  • Nottingham sideboard
  • Porto sideboard
  • Roma server
  • Sapporo sideboard
  • Shard sideboard
  • Shechem server
  • Sheraton sideboard
  • Socrates sideboard
  • Trump Sideboard
  • Urbandale Sideboard
  • Victoria sideboard
  • Westminster sideboard
  • Yorkville sideboard
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Randall's Furniture Suppliers

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Randall's Offers Furniture From Premium Suppliers And Quality Custom Furniture

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Contact Our Furniture Experts

Heather McNeil,

Furniture Sales Consultant

Cindy Desjardins, RANDALL'S Interior Decorator

Cindy Desjardins,

Interior Decorator & Furniture Consultant

Gord Lee,

Furniture Sales Consultant

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Furniture Floor Model Sale!

  • DSC_0618
  • DSC_0623
  • DSC_0630
  • DSC_0634
  • DSC_0635
  • DSC_0639
  • DSC_0652
  • DSC_0655
  • DSC_0657
  • DSC_0658
  • DSC_0660
  • DSC_0661
  • DSC_0662
  • DSC_0663
  • DSC_0664
  • DSC_0666
  • DSC_0667
  • DSC_0670
  • DSC_0672
  • DSC_0673
  • DSC_0675
  • DSC_0680
  • DSC_0681
  • DSC_0684
  • DSC_0685
  • DSC_0686
  • DSC_0688
  • DSC_0689
  • DSC_0691
  • DSC_0696
  • DSC_0699
  • DSC_0700
  • DSC_0705
  • DSC_0706
  • DSC_0707
  • DSC_0709
  • DSC_0710
  • DSC_0713
  • DSC_0618
    Coat rack 100.00 White swivel counter stool 200.00
  • DSC_0623
    Baxton nightstand 200.00
  • DSC_0630
    Asia coffee table 300.00
  • DSC_0634
    Asia side table 200.00
  • DSC_0635
    Maple Tuscany dining table 2000.00
  • DSC_0639
    Maple sliding door sideboard 1200.00
  • DSC_0652
    Philmore drinks bar 500.00
  • DSC_0655
    Frontier TV unit 955.00
  • DSC_0657
    Danish pub table 700.00 Essex bar stool 250.00 Sherwood barstool 100.00
  • DSC_0658
    Lancaster pub table 600.00 Vintage counter stool 200.00 Felicia counter stool 80.00
  • DSC_0660
    Frontier end table 350.00
  • DSC_0661
    Coleman chair 550.00
  • DSC_0662
    Muskoka media chest 600.00
  • DSC_0663
    Eastwood pub table 800.00 2 x Parson’s pub stools 400.00 ea
  • DSC_0664
    Antoine counter stool $80.00
  • DSC_0666
    King James night table 250.00
  • DSC_0667
    Maple Williamsburg table 2000.00
  • DSC_0670
    Clarington queen bed 1200.00 2 x Heritage night tables 300.00-ea
  • DSC_0672
    Red Cedric counter stool 150.00
  • DSC_0673
    Braden adjustable stools 250.00 ea
  • DSC_0675
    Midtown pub table 650.00
  • DSC_0680
    Madero bar table 400.00 2 x Brookland bar stools 250.00 ea
  • DSC_0681
    Maple counter stool 80.00
  • DSC_0684
    Circa queen bed 850.00
  • DSC_0685
    Chateau cherry night table 300.00
  • DSC_0686
    Rossport night table 350.00
  • DSC_0688
    Wellington night table 300.00
  • DSC_0689
    Nuvo wedge table 300.00
  • DSC_0691
    Parson round coffee table 500.00
  • DSC_0696
    Isabelle modern sleigh queen bed 1600.00
  • DSC_0699
    Saddlebrook TV unit 800.00
  • DSC_0700
    Barcelona table 950.00 4 x Maison counter stools 250.00 ea
  • DSC_0705
    Black parsons chairs 200.00 ea
  • DSC_0706
    Gateway table 1600.00 6 x vintage chairs 200.00 ea
  • DSC_0707
    Madero pub table 400.00 2-x Homedale bar stools 250.00 ea
  • DSC_0709
    Set of 3-Malimo nesting tables 850.00 Valencia-pub chair 350.00
  • DSC_0710
    Metal Olympia table 200.00 2 x Bistro stacking chairs 100.00 ea
  • DSC_0713
    Madero sideboard 800.00

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All three of our Decorating Centres offer a FREE Shop-At-Home service, as well as in-store consultations, covering everything from the simplest horizontal blind to the most current styles of drapery treatments. Contact Randall's today, to arrange your FREE window coverings consultation!

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Randall's Interiors has been decorating Commercial and Residential spaces for the past 16 years.

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Randall's Interiors has been decorating Commercial and Residential spaces for the past 16 years. We offer a complete and personalized decorating service. Including, flooring, furniture, kitchen cabinetry & countertops, wall colour, lighting and window coverings.

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Contact Randall's today, to arrange your FREE furniture & accessories consultation!

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For Furniture & Accessories

All three of our Decorating Centres offer a FREE Shop-At-Home service, as well as in-store consultations, covering everything from furniture style & selection to accessories. Contact Randall's today, to arrange your FREE furniture & accessories consultation!

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