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The largest selection of quality papers in Ottawa


Abstract designs turn walls into modern works of art. Often evocative and unexpected, these wallpapers add a layer of visual intrigue to a room.


Animal prints are for both the young and young at heart. There's a wallpaper for every creature under the sun, and some for prehistoric ones too.

Brick and boards

Turn your room industrial with bricks or rustic with wood boards. These prints are very popular these days for their ability to add structural effect to walls.


bring a fresh and free-spirited feel to your room with a bohemian wallpaper. These designs incorporate eastern inspired mosaics and floral medallions.


Botanical wallpapers bring a lush garden inside, incorporating trees, leaves, plants, birds, and butterflies. 


Prints specifically made for children's nurseries, bedrooms or playrooms. All incorporate colorful hues and youthful designs. There are even prints that include Disney and Marvel characters.


The chevron pattern is a classic graphic that is very popular these days. Its reoccurring pattern is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and can fit any style.


Recognized globally as a compelling form, the damask is at home in any decor style from opulent and lavish to sleek and modern.


With beautiful distressed effects, these antique inspired wallpapers coat walls in a variety of time-honored textures.


this wallpaper adds intriguing texture and depth with an exotic, artisanal simplicity. Go for the real thing or opt for faux grasscloth that creates the same look in easy to maintain materials. 


Opt for Floral and your walls will be in full bloom always. We have prints that showcase every type of petal and colour.


Geometric wallpaper appreciates the chic style of simple lines and shapes. Many of these coverings convey a contemporary look in a room, with abstract and uncomplicated forms.


These fanciful Jacobean motifs are inspired by 17th century fabrics. This wallpaper theme is cultured and distinctive, featuring trailing flower forms with chic details.


Plaid wallpaper, based on the historical tartan fabrics, are chic and timeless. From warm, country style plaids to contemporary plaid wallpapers with clean lines and modern scale.


Inspired by Baroque style, scroll wallpaper flourishes sweeping artistic swirls on walls. Scrolls are florid and graceful, hinting at forms of feathers, leaves, or shells, with sweeping decorative flair.


Stripes on a wall are graphic and chic, a style that endures the test of time. This collection includes every pattern and width, including floral stripes, pinstripes, and classic stripes.


Straight from the homes of the French aristocracy, toile wallpaper is a melding of artistry and tradition.


Hang unexpected texture and style and on your walls. Weave paper will be a subtle, intricate addition to your walls.

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