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Collection: C2 Paint Colours > White

C2 approaches colour like a fine painter — with unique, finely ground artisan-grade pigments. They use complementary colours to tone (instead of black) and put more colourant into their paint than their competitors. This is what creates unmatchable, luminous colours. Curated by design professionals, the C2 palette consists of 496 hand-picked colours that are timeless, elegant and undeniably beautiful.

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  • Architectural White (C2-516)
  • Milk Moustache (C2-692)
  • Sheer (C2-804)
  • Coconut (C2-932)
  • America's Cup (C2-612)
  • Mainsail (C2-996)
  • En Pointe (C2-851)
  • Lumen (C2-948)
  • Barely There (C2-532)
  • Breathless (C2-595)
  • Chit Chat (C2-964)
  • Cocoon (C2-820)
  • Cotton (C2-836)
  • Cricket White (C2-916)
  • Halo (C2-628)
  • Jicama (C2-708)