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C2 Paint Colours   >   Dewdrop (C2-961)
Dewdrop (C2-961)

Dewdrop (C2-961)

Dewdrop is part of C2 Paint's green colour palette. Green is instantly calming, stabilizing, and embracing. Rooms painted green are often felt to be soothing, nurturing, and safe.

*A digital swatch is a rough estimation of the colour. A paint chip or sample pint is most accurate way to sample this colour.

Similar C2 paint colours

  • Salt Water (C2-979)
  • Salty Brine (C2-701)
  • Maine (C2-695)
  • Esoteric (C2-989)

Why C2 Paint Colours are Different

  • Tinted with Multiple Colorants

  • C2's superior tinting system uses between 4 and 8 colorants to make a single colour. This is what gives C2 paint excellent colour depth, coverage, and fade resistance.

  • No Black Colorant

  • Black absorbs rather than reflects light so C2 doesn’t use black colorant in any of their 496 colorus. This results in C2 colours reflecting light in a compelling, luminous way.

  • Made with rare artisan pigments

  • C2 paint spares no expense to incorporate artisan-grade pigments like cobalt blue and oxide green. These are unique to the brand and enhance their colorants.